Vandal Or Artist … Which One Are You

It’s all a matter of opinion. What’s considered art to one person may not be to the next. What one person finds beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, the next person might hate. Which category do you fall into? Graffiti has long been the subject of such a debate. Some generalize it as vandalism because they don’t understand the art itself or it’s history. It’s all for the love of art. Art is a way to express oneself, to project, yet people are calling this urban art vandalism. Its one thing if you’re doing it for the sole purpose of defacing property, but there are some truly amazing pieces of graffiti, done by talented artists who are condemned instead of celebrated because it is all being generalized. Only you can decide which one you truly are, Vandal or Artist, but if you have something to say, (or in this case, spray) then let your voice be heard in whatever capacity you think gets your point across. Most artists aren’t recognized until they’re dead, in this world you have to seek your own fame.

Body Art is a huge part of the graffiti culture so we will be posting up new picture every week so enjoy and feel free to send us pictures of your body art include the name of the artist and models name if she wants the exposure.

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2ESAE and SKI Taking Back The System …

By Liz Dwyer Those of us who ride public transportation are used to being bombarded with advertisements—everything from ads reminding us to shop at big-box retailers to heavily Photoshopped fashion spreads. But a pair of New York City natives are out to remind everyone of a time when Gotham’s subway trains reflected the city’s vibrant artistic […]

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Although we are a Graffiti Company, we DO NOT condone nor promote the use of spray paint or any other materials for the destruction of ones property.What we do is document the movement of Graffiti Artist the different reasons behind there action and to show case the different styles colors and forms that graffiti comes in .... We are based in NYC but you will see art from all over the planet .We hope you enjoy !